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About us

BUKÓZA HOLDING ranks amongst the most significant wood processing companies in Slovakia, with a 50 year tradition of production, and is a significant exporter of products to European Union markets. With annual turnover of around 1.8 BLN SKK and 955 employees, it is one of the most important employers in the Prešov region.

Our major product is paper cellulose for the production of paper, large laminate boards for the production of furniture and interiors as well as sawn products for furniture and other industries. Our paper cellulose and large laminate boards hold ISO 9001:2000 certification.

The companies of the BUKÓZA Group are situated in the eastern part of Slovakia in Hencovce, next to Vranov nad Topľou, in the Prešov region and are located 65km from Košice and 50 km from Prešov.

A change to the asset structure in September 2007 led to significant qualitative changes to the company’s philosophy regarding business activities, the overall profile of the basic directions for orientation of the company, the creation of an overall business strategy and a company vision.

The company is active in the area of the environment and, via the media, keeps local inhabitants informed of projects under preparation in relation to improving the quality of the environment.

Organisational structure of the BUKÓZA group

Management, financial and economic centre for the BUKÓZA group

Production of commercial paper cellulose for the production of paper

BUKÓZA Export-Import , a.s.
Purchase and sales of BUKÓZA group products

Electroenergetics within the range production, supply and distribution of electricity and production and distribution of heat

Other specific maintenance and building works

Board of Directors of BUKÓZA HOLDING, a.s.

Ing. Jaroslav Fic, Chairman

Ing. Erik Kadlec, Member

Supervisory board:

Ing. Stanislav Novák

JUDr.Pavol Koczan

Mgr. Martin Máčaj